AWOS for 67 airbases, Indian Air Force
After winning the tender for delivery of meteorological system for 67 Indian military airports for the Indian Air Force, a big challenge and rush months have begun for MicroStep-MIS employees. The Automated Weather Observation System Indian Air Force project, a quite big project not only in measure of deliverables, MicroStep-MIS has managed to deliver in a very short time. All delivered systems operate reliably since installation in 2008.


  • Systems required to operate reliably in the Himalayas as well as in the tropic climate
  • Highly competitive Indian market
  • Delivery in very short time
  • Easy deployment - to be performed by local personnel only

Our solution

  • Each airport includes 2x AMS 111 Automatic Weather Station with variety of meteorological sensors
  • Highly reliable communication network based on radio modems, collecting data from the runway fields sensors, as well as enabling the Control Tower data distribution
  • IMS 4 AWOS application software with IMS 4 Observer PC and two backup displays with the autonomous data processing. Screen layout customized as per IAF requirements.


  • 5 years of reliable operation confirmed by letter AHQ/17327/1/121/MET/SO/022/2010 of AK Kulshreshta, Wing Commander, Joint Director Met (Eqpt), Air HQ, New Delhi-110106
  • Successful integration of ceilometers in 2009 at 50 airbases
  • Delivery of additional 26 wind measurement systems in 2010/2011