Integrated Meteorological System is MicroStep-MIS open meteorological system, suitable for building of national meteorological networks, airport weather systems, and meteorological stations for commercial use.


  • Interfaces to the various sensors and data loggers (RS232, RS422, TCP and UDP)
  • Quality control, verification of measured data
  • Real-time weather data display
  • Visualization of measured data in graphic representation
  • Data export to text form, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice
  • Rich set of alarms
  • User-friendly interface
  • Remote access to the data and full maintenance capabilities over Internet/intranet

IMS4 Observer Workstation is the version of Integrated Meteorological System application software designed to interface the automatic weather station AMS 111 model or 3rd party data logger. It performs continuous measurement and/or data collection from connected automatic weather station, data processing (quality control, recalculations), and archiving.

IMS4 provides user with the real-time screen with current data, as well as modules for data export into Microsoft Excel/OpenOffice.Org Calc, and for displaying data time series in the form of charts.

The IMS4 Observer Workstation supports WMO codes (SYNOP, METAR, etc.), as well as data protocols and formats for data exchange over GTS & AFTN networks or other media (asynchronous lines, dial-up lines, FTP, PPP, e-mail).

An integrated part of the IMS4 Observer Workstation system is a built-in web server providing access to the data over the intranet/Internet.

IMS Observer Workstation - Product sheet