Integrated Meteorological System is MicroStep-MIS open meteorological system, suitable for building of national meteorological networks, airport weather systems, and meteorological stations for commercial use.


  • Interfaces to the various sensors and data loggers (RS232, RS422, TCP and UDP)
  • Quality control, verification of measured data
  • Real-time weather data display
  • Visualization of measured data in graphic representation
  • Data export to text form, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice
  • Rich set of alarms
  • User-friendly interface
  • Remote access to the data and full maintenance capabilities over Internet/Intranet

IMS LITE is the version of Integrated Meteorological System application software designed to interface the automatic weather station AMS 111. It performs continuous measurement and/or data collection from connected automatic weather station, data processing (quality control, recalculations) and archiving; and provides user with the real time screen with current data as well as modules for data export into Microsoft Excel / OpenOffice.Org Calc and for displaying data time series in the form of charts.

The IMS LITE can be optionally upgraded to IMS Observer's PC with a support of WMO codes (SYNOP, METAR, etc.) as well as with support of data protocols and formats for data exchange over GTS, AFTN network or other media (asynchronous lines, dial-up lines, FTP, PPP, e-mail).

An integrated part of the IMS LITE system is a built-in web server providing access to the data over the Intranet/Internet.

IMS LITE - Product sheet