Climate Graphics Web Interface
Sometimes a quick and simple view of data is needed. Or, data access from outside of the office is required. The Web Interface provides Intranet and Internet access for CLDB.

The Web Interface covers the functionality of mostly used applications for data retrieval, reports creation and graphical presentation. Architecture of Web Interface is modular and is composed of CLDB Web Screens, CLDB Web Reports and Web CGW software modules.

CLDB Web Screens

CLDB Web Screens gives flexible Internet and Intranet real time interface to data view from all sources of data. It is possible to monitor data just received from automated stations or from the GTS network to CLDB.

CLDB Web Reports

CLDB Web Reports module enables creating of standard and custom reports. User can create daily, monthly and annual reports over data stored in CLDB archive.

Web CGW (Climate Graphics Workstation)

Web CGW module is utilized to display spatial data distribution in graphical form. It cooperates with the CLDB system, generates colored or contoured maps with analyzed fields of elements. Multiple data layers are supported.

CLDB Web Interface - Product sheet