Meteorology and Climatology
Automatic Weather Stations
Synoptic Observation, Climatological Observation, Environmental Monitoring, Radiation Monitoring, Industrial Applications, Aviation and Traffic Weather-Observation
Manned Weather Stations
Weather stations which need for their operation presence of observer (airports).
Data Logger AMS 111 II
The Data Logger AMS 111 II is designed for standard, temporary or mobile meteorological stations.
Data Logger SAWS 111
SAWS111 is a compact version of data logger designed for standard, temporary and mobile meteorological stations.
Data Collection System (UDCS)
Data collection and switching system for meteorological, radiation and environmental data acquisition and remote system maintenance.
Climatological Database System (CLDB)
CLDB is storage of all collected meteorological data in one unified structure and it enables standard comfortable data access for all users and other software systems.
AWS Service
MicroStep-MIS AWS Service is a software enabling an observer or an operator to gain full control of the Automatic Weather Station AMS 111 II.
MMR Mini Meteorological Radar
Mini Meteorological Radar MMR is a unique portable weather radar with large amount of functionality integrated in small device.
Microclimate Cave Monitoring System
Microclimate cave monitoring system aim is a detail measurement, recording and storing of data of selected natural parameters of cave environment.
IMS Model Suite
Complex software system for environmental pollution assessment and prediction of nuclear accidents or radiological emergency.