Airport Runway Weather Information
IMS4 ARWIS provides the airport authorities with the essential runway surface condition data.

Using the real-time collected measurements from the field sensors as well as forecasts from the integrated model the system detects and predicts the runway conditions: ice (black ice), freezing rain, accumulation of snow and thaw.


  • Detection and prediction of runway conditions
  • Compliant with ICAO Annex 14, 7th Edition, Amendment 13b
  • Operational alerts on hazardous phenomena detected or forecast
    Alarms on hazardous phenomena detected or forecast
  • Effective de-icing
  • Interfaces to the external data sources (Numeric Weather Prediction, AFTN/AMHS/WMO GTS)
  • IMS4 ARWIS built-in runway condition model provides the nowcasts (1-3 hour forecasts) and 12-hour prediction of the air and runway temperature and runway conditions for all system locations
  • Standalone system or integrated within AWOS / AWDSS
  • Runway condition data on the Net

The measurements and forecasts-based early warnings contribute to air traffic safety and help in planning the runway maintenance activities. The system can be installed as standalone with options of upgrades during the system lifetime or can be fully integrated within the IMS4 Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS).