Aviation Systems
IMS4 AWOS - Automated Weather Observation System
Airport weather observation system for regional, national and international airports. Provides efficient web interface.
Aviation Weather Decision Support System
Processes the real-time data from AWOS, ARWIS and LLWAS systems, radars, surface observations from the WMO/ICAO exchange networks, satellites, profilers, etc.
Aeronautical Climatological Database
Database system addressing the needs to store the high-volume long-term meteorological, climatological and environmental data.
Arrival, Departure or Combined ATIS and VOLMET broadcast and datalink services for airports from regional up to major international airports as well.
IMS4 Briefing
IMS Briefing supplies meteorological information to aviation users in order to ensure the safety and regularity of air navigation.
IMS4 ARWIS - Airport Runway Weather Information
ARWIS provides the essential runway surface condition data. It detects and predicts the runway conditions: ice (black ice), freezing rain, accumulation of snow and thaw.
IMS4 RVR - Runway Visual Range System
The IMS Runway Visual Range system peforms the automated runway visual range assessment and reporting for the airports.
IMS4 LLWAS - Low Level Windshear Alert System
State of the art IMS4 LLWAS - Low Level Windshear Alert System. Turn-key delivery, multiple sensor interfaces, standalone system or integrated within AWOS / AWDSS.
IMS4 Fog Prediction
The fog forecasting model provides the local visibility forecast and it gives early warning on possible formation of water fog.